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Our Vision

Lin​k​ag​e​​ between new technologies and individuals

Nowadays, with the development of technologies, more and more finance and adaption of technologies concepts take place. We believed mastering latest technologies would bring up better career development. Thus, we provide different aspects of courses to enhance self-development of individuals.

Balance between technologies and environmental protection

Due to the global development, we believe environmental protection would be one of the inevitable issue in the future. Thus, we provide ESG courses for people to prepare for a rainy day.

Our Service

Online Learning

We provide online professional finance, ESG and interview coaching, you can learn latest knowledge in our online platform following your own rhythm.

More Details

Offline Learning

Besides online learning platform, we also provide a physical learning center where professional support is offered to enhance your learning progress.

More​ D​​​etail​s

We are looking for...

We are looking for someone who wants to achieve their goal by learning professional knowledge in different aspects. We believe that with our support, people can gain success in their career.

Through our courses, you can gain...


Imagine confidently navigating financial conversations, analyzing complex data, and making informed investment decisions. Our courses in professional finance and AI equip you with the knowledge and tools to do just that. This newfound financial fluency translates into real-world confidence, empowering you to take control of your financial future and tackle challenges with a sense of self-assurance.  


Our courses go beyond simply teaching you "the answer." We equip you with the tools to become an independent problem-solver. By fostering critical thinking and analytical skills, you'll learn to dissect challenges from various angles. This newfound perspective allows you to generate a wider range of creative solutions, leading to unexpected breakthroughs and innovative approaches.  


Professional Knowledge

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills that today's competitive job market demands. Our comprehensive curriculum offers courses in professional finance, ESG investing, and interview coaching. This dynamic combination empowers you to master financial concepts, navigate the complexities of ESG integration, and confidently showcase your expertise in interviews.

Social Awareness

Go beyond the borders of your local landscape. APEC Academy's courses broaden your perspective, fostering a deep understanding of global trends and challenges. You'll gain insights into international markets, economic shifts, and cross-cultural dynamics, equipping you to become a truly well-rounded and globally aware professional.