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Importance of Ho​ng Kong Finance Industry 

Global Financial Hub

Hong Kong has established itself as a leading global financial hub, serving as a gateway to mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region.

Economic Contribution

Finance industry contributes significantly to Hong Kong's economy. It generates substantial revenue through financial services such as banking, asset management, insurance, and capital markets.

Why is proficiency in accounting and knowledge of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) important for entering the finance industry in Hong Kong?

Risk Management

Accounting knowledge enables individuals to assess and  manage financial risks effectively
This is particularly crucial in the finance industry, where risk management is a key of maintaining interests.

Career Advancement

In the competitive finance industry, possessing accounting proficiency and knowledge of the SFC can open doors to various career opportunities. Many finance roles require a strong foundation in accounting.

Regulatory Compliance

The finance industry operates within a highly regulated environment, and the SFC is the primary regulatory body overseeing the securities and futures markets in Hong Kong. 

Investor Confidence

Proficiency in accounting and knowledge of the SFC contribute to building investor confidence in the finance industry. Possessing accounting expertise and understand the regulatory framework can provide professional advice

Reporting & Analysis

Accounting proficiency is fundamental in finance as it provides the foundation for understanding financial statements, analyzing business performance, and making informed investment decisions.


APEC Academy ?

Tutors with outstanding experience in finance industry

Derek Li, Managing Director 

Mr. Li is a founding member of the APEC Group, and a current member of the HKICPA. He oversees projects that develop a company through corporate strategy, forging strong relationships and monitoring of new trends in the industry. Mr. Li pursued his Masters in engineering and went on to hone his skills in the field of auditing, corporate finance and foreign business consultancy at world renowned corporations giving him the edge when dealing with public and private sectors in Hong Kong.

William Lau, Risk Advisory 

Mr. Lau, a current member of the HKICPA, holding a Master Degree of Science in Risk Management, has over 12 years’ experience in assurance & risk management advisory services for listing companies, and has involved in a wide range of pre-IPO projects for corporations in Hong Kong, Macau, the People’s Republic of China, Malaysia and Singapore including Merger & Acquisition, Corporate assessment, offering training products, auditing etc.  

Working Opportunities 

Upon successful completion of our course, we will give job offers to individuals who have exhibited exceptional performance and distinguished themselves throughout the program.